Frequently Asked Questions

Do we get the subsidy?

All types of residential buildings.


Schools, health institutions including medical colleges & hospitals, educational institutions (both public & private), R&D institutions etc.


Both Central & State Governments buildings covering all Government offices, Government PSUs, all buildings owned by Government directly or by any Government owned societies, companies, corporations or organizations. All Panchayati Raj buildings. Government organizations owned systems anywhere including on private, commercial and industrial organizations will also be eligible.

Social Sector

Community centers, welfare homes, old age homes, orphanages, common service centers, common workshops for artisans or craftsman, facilities for use of community, any other establishment for common use etc.

Above subsidy will be admissible even if the power connection is classified under industrial or commercial category. Private, commercial and industrial buildings rooftops will not be covered under this subsidy unless the solar power system is owned by a Government organization.

Is there any subsidy for Solar Water Pumps for Farmers?

Yes, there is a subsidy of 60%.

Is there any depreciation in taxes for Solar?

You can avail the benefits of Accelerated Depreciation on 80% of the Total Cost of system in the first year and remaining 20% of the Total Cost in the second year (average tax rate 34%). For eg. if the 20 kW system’s cost is Rs.10,00,000 then the tax benefits of accelerated depreciation will be 34% on 80% of Cost of system in the first year and 34% on remaining 20% cost of the system in the second year. Hence, benefit of Rs. 2,72,000/- in the first year and Rs. 34,000 in the second year.

By how much will our cost be reduced?

The cost reduced will be directly proportional to the units generated by the solar power plant.

Can we install and run 5HP, 7.5 HP pumps?

Yes, we can put in any load over solar. Currently, Mumbai Metro is running on our Solar Rooftop Plants.

How may units will be generated?

On an average, throughout the year the generation will be 4 units/kW/day.

What will be the ROI(Return On Investment)?

ROI will be there in 3-4 years.