Why Us

At SunEra, we present the promise of a sustainable lifestyle amidst the endless energy crises. We believe every citizen has the right to access clean and sufficient energy and Solar solutions give just that. A significant step, amicable solutions and an assurance to a better life is SunEra’s main objective.

Complete solar solutions

Customised solar solutions for every one-of-a-kind roof. A holistic and consistent experience from experienced consultants, engineers and financial analysts. A team to help you in the discovery of the best solar investments for utility-scale projects, filing in competitive bidding processes, land procurement, obtaining subsidies and regulatory approvals. We assist you in navigating the complete financial landscape of the project.

Lifetime guarantee and support

Our expertise coupled with dedicated efforts to ensure up-time help us make sure we deliver on this promise every time. State-of-the-art monitoring systems help us carrying out preventive maintenance measures and rapidly troubleshoot any issues that might hamper your access to energy from your system. We keep you updated with the performance of your plant through business-grade reports on daily, weekly and monthly energy generation.

Assured Quality and Timely execution

All our processes are designed to ensure the best results in each stage of the project and allow seamless coordination between the multiple teams working together to commission the project Our designs are distilled from meticulous site surveys, customer understanding, an expert balance of system designing and exhaustive testing with system simulator software as well as confirmed by IS standards. Technology procurement is driven by thorough industry research and design requirements. Material testing and quality checks are performed by the procurement team before delivery.

Realistic Financing options

Purchasing a solar power system is a cost-effective and rewarding option in the long run. With various cash purchase systems, solar loans, EMI models and RESCO Model or BOOT Model offered by SunEra, we assure a cost effective solar solution for you.With such options at your lease, one can make the best suitable choice as per one’s requirement and financial abilities.